LED Light Sheet

Bright Green LED Light Sheet Panel is an ultra-thin, versatile and energy efficient backlighting unit, providing consistently bright, uniform illumination.  We have more than 20 years experience in designing, specifying and manufacturing this product.

Every sheet is unique. By using an advanced algorithm to program the V-cutting process, every panel has a custom light-guiding pattern, ensuring efficient light management, completely even illumination and minimum energy use. The engraved acrylic sheets are lit by LEDs from the edge with LEDs on one, two or four edges depending on the panel size and the brightness needed. Every LED Light Sheet Panel is made to order, using high-grade acrylic and premium quality components. The LED PCB is manufactured to Bright Green Technology specifications and QA procedures before moving to final panel assembly. This enables strict bin control of the LEDs, leading to consistent colour temperature and optimised lumen output.