Bright Green Control - RF controlled LED dimmer

Bright Green Control - RF controlled LED dimmer

Brand: Bright Green Technology
Product Code: C-DIM-RF10
10 - 15 days
Price: £124.75

Bright Green Control dimmer for LED lighting systems.  Brightness is adjustable with the supplied hand-held RF remote. 

The dimmer is a fully self-contained radio controlled dimmer module designed to remotely control the brightness of low-voltage 12V or 24V LED lamps rated up to 10A. The unit is remote controlled with keyfob-style radio transmitters, allowing the lamp brightness to be increased or decreased from up to 50m away.  The unit is fully protected against intermittent output short-circuits, input over-voltage and under-voltage conditions and will remotely control lamp brightness from 0% (fully off) to 100% (fully on) and can turn the lamp on and off.

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Nominal supply voltage 9 -32V DC
Peak supply voltage range 5.5 - 40V
Maximum current output 10A
Continuous output power, max 120W at 12V 240W at 24V
Control input impedance 10Ω
PWM switching frequency 240 Hz ±3%; 0% – 100% Duty Cycle
Peak output current 30A