Bright Green Control - pot controlled waterproof LED dimmer

Bright Green Control - pot controlled waterproof LED dimmer

Brand: Bright Green Technology
Product Code: C-DIM-PT10IP
10 - 15 days
Price: £46.90

Bright Green Control dimmer for LED lighting.  Brightness is adjustable with the supplied rotary potentiometer. 

The dimmer is connected to the supplied external potentiometer with 2-core cable. Turning the potentiometer shaft clockwise increases the lamp brightness, anti-clockwise decreases the lamp brightness. There is a fail-safe feature whereby in the event of an open circuit between the LED dimmer and the potentiometer module, the output will default to full brightness. The dimming control can be any resistance such as a thermistor - for temperature controlled dimming, or an LDR - for light controlled dimming. 0R = fully off, 10k = full brightness.

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Nominal supply voltage 9 - 32V DC
Peak supply voltage range 5.5 - 40V
Maximum current output 10A
Continuous output power, max 120W at 12V 240W at 24V
Control input impedance 10 kΩ
PWM switching frequency 240 Hz ±3%; 0% – 100% Duty Cycle
Peak output current 30A